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OUR services

Blueridge Systems is uniquely positioned to help organizations exploit value from the tools they choose. Our mix of information technology services – technical consulting, accounting software support, Internet solutions, assist clients with the successful design, development, deployment, and ongoing support of leading-edge technologies. We provide a complete range of services and comprehensive solutions.

Full Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Blueridge Systems offers a full range of service and support solutions, from hourly "as needed" repair services, to full service support on mission-critical equipment. 

Project Analysis and Site Surveys

Blueridge Systems understands that a critical analysis of a site's IT needs is an integral first step in making the correct IT decisions. Blueridge Systems performs in-depth project analyses and site surveys to ensure that the right purchases, the right services and the correct support options are implemented. 

Server, Desktop and Printer Installation/Maintenance

Blueridge Systems understands the need to get up-and-running fast. We have a variety of service plans and installation packages that will keep all your servers, workstations and peripherals running at their maximum uptime. 

LAN/WAN Networking Support

Connectivity is critical to the success of every company in today's market. Blueridge Systems technicians will keep you connected in a networked world and ensure the continuous optimum operation of your local and wide area networks. We work closely with clients to address their mission-critical information technology needs. Our technical consulting team assists in the planning, design, development, deployment, and ongoing support of multi-vendor technology solutions. Consulting focuses on infrastructure installation for local and wide area networks coupled with Internet, intranet, electronic messaging and information management solutions.

Daily backup of data

Blueridge Systems Provides secure online backup services to business who values their data, Online Backup Service is a completely automated service that continuously backs up server data, archives it in a secure, offsite data center and makes it immediately available for recovery 24 hours a day.